About Craft Collective

We believe food is the universal language that connects people and at Craft Collective, we are your ambassador to all things connected to South Florida Food.

We love showcasing the delicious food, robust history and unique culture South Florida restaurants have to offer. We believe food is the universal language that unites people. Our experiences are curated to connect you to the hottest restaurants in South Florida. At our events, restaurant chefs get the opportunity to experiment with new recipes and come out of the kitchen to share stories and connect with diners in a meaningful way.

Our friendly and passionate founders Anthony, Matt & Shaina are proud to share our cultural discoveries and culinary knowledge with you. Let us take you on a journey that introduces you to the best of the best, opening up a whole new world just waiting to be explored! We can't wait to show you the Craft Collective!

We crave food experiences.

Shaina Wizov


Shaina is an experienced published writer and social media influencer, and the founder of successful food and lifestyle blog, Take A Bite Out of Boca. She has been featured twice in Boca Life Magazine as a top South Florida blogger and one of the top South Florida food Instagram accounts to follow. Shaina grew up in South Jersey and uprooted to South Florida in 2011, when Take A Bite Out of Boca was born. What started out as a hobby has turned into so much more. Shaina specializes in social media and blog promotion and event hosting and coordination, and also writes for local organizations and publications. Shaina’s love for all things culinary expands outside of South Florida, most recently having traveled to Northern Italy for a week-long winery tour and to New England for the Nantucket Wine and Food Festival. She is excited to share these unique culinary experiences through the Craft Collective with fellow local food lovers.


Matt Guidice


Matt is a world traveling culinary experience seeker. His love for finding hidden gem eateries and travel have led him to Co-Found Craft Food Tours, a walking guided food tour in Delray Beach, FL and Matt’s Flights, a cheap flights travel newsletter. Matt plans to continue to bring his favorite life experiences back to his community for everyone to enjoy.


Anthony Guzman


Meet Anthony. Our craft beer loving, spicy food eating, destination restaurant seeking, local fare enthusiast & Co-Founder! Two common threads throughout his life are the love of food and the love of a good experience. When the two are combined, it’s these moments that makes Anthony take a step back to breathe in deep and remember just how good life is.

Originally from Miramar, FL, he moved to Delray Beach in 2014 with the goal of creating a lifestyle. In that stretch, while working in digital marketing, he started to develop an aspiring passion for being a connoisseur of good food and drink. After a year of traveling and dining up and down Atlantic Avenue, he noticed there were a wealth of restaurants doing creative things with food. This led him to a new project called Craft Food Tours as a way to share his love for high quality, locally sourced food & drink. His entrepreneur career has been spent connecting people, visitors and locals alike, to the amazing area we live in. From working as a digital marketer at GiddyUp to being a small business owner at Craft Food Tours – he strives to be centered around people and experiences.

He is fascinated with taking pictures of food, as for Anthony it is absolutely necessary to have a record of a memorable meal so that it is never forgotten. @CraftFoodTours